How to Boost Your Business Through Performance-Focused Websites

While a website is every business’s weapon of choice in the digital era, it is a performance-focused one that can make all the difference.

Most companies deem websites as mere repositories of information. We, on the other hand, would like to think of them as untapped resources. When engineered with a clear understanding of a company’s objectives, a careful analysis of its audience, and a clever integration of the finest technologies, websites hold tremendous power, enough to drive a business forward. 

This 30-page document touches on the fundamentals of web development, with an emphasis on the features as well as benefits of performance-focused websites.

- Main Components of a Performance-Focused Website
- Top Content Management System (CMS) Applications and Their Key Features
- Content Optimization Techniques and User Research Methods
- Common Website Compliance Requirements
- Main Breakpoints in Responsive Web Designs
- Strategies in Improving Search Engine Optimization Performance
- Best Practices in Web Testing and Analytics Reporting.

What's Inside The Whitepaper

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It provides a comprehensive guideline on how to build, manage, and maintain a performance-focused website — from the right tools to use to the most effective techniques to put into play. This white paper will equip you with the most basic technical know-how to create a highly performant website that will help grow your business.